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To My Neighbor

I lift you higher,
lift you out
of your body cells
stuffed with anxiety
of your past -
an evil load that smells.

I'll fill each cell
with love and joy
that makes the
angels dance.
You'll glide through earthly
filth and stench -
a spiritual trance.

From your youth filled eyes,
your hands
and feet,
a holy peace shall flow,
so you and I
be filled with grace -
let us be still
and know.

William Hermanns


Seelentränen sind Gedichte,
rot mit Herzblut aufgeschrieben,
tiefem Menschenleid zum Ruhm,

Lies sie still in reinem Lichte,
frei von Trieben:
Du betrittst ein Heiligtum.

Wilhelm Hermanns

William Hermanns


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William Hermanns


Letter to the Youth of the World

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                                 Letter to the Youth of the World

In 1954 shortly before his death Einstein repeated his fear that he expressed to me, though vaguely, in 1930 in Berlin: "If Man does not change his heart a new war will come destroying three-quarters of humanity." In his last conversation with me in Princeton, he emphasized my spiritual mission to help save the world from Armageddon since I was one of the few surviving wit¬nesses of history's bloodiest battle at Verdun. Having read extracts from my book recounting my experiences in France already in the Twenties in Berlin - we both were members in the League for Human Rights - Einstein said I should bring youth of the world together to "change the heart of Man." By forming a Cosmic Religion and a World Youth Parliament, youth might be inspired to disperse the nuclear clouds hanging over humanity as an answer to the crimes against Cosmic Laws.

After Einstein's death it took me some twenty-five years of my later life to prepare myself to fulfill his legacy to the youth of the world. Studies in sociology and mass psychology enabled me to unearth some causes of war.

Man attracts what he believes. His belief is molded by the karmic legacy of the past, by the archetypal image formed in the first seven years of his life and by environmental influences. I scrutinized the pattern of my thinking on the battlefield of Verdun leading to my vow and discovered that everything that exists is a product of the Cosmic Law and has a spiritual regula¬tor. I had been thrown by the explosion of a French shell into a huge crater. All my comrades around me were killed. While digging myself out to see if I still had my legs, the thought flashed through my mind: "Willi, you have been preserved for a reason. Tell the people at home that your obedience to the Kaiser was obedience to the low instinct of the German group mind that had taught you three proverbs: 'The world must be healed by the German way of life;' 'May they hate us as long as they fear us;’ 'Pray to those higher than you and step on those lower than you.'" While still half buried this flashing aware¬ness made me raise my right hand to the sky, "God save me and I will serve you as long as I live!" No sooner had I made this vow than a new consciousness began to work in me. The battle glory that my ego sought by driving me at the beginning of the war in 1914 to become the Kaiser's volunteer vanished like a phantom. My conscience was raised to a new status. I became a man with a new heart. The German group law, permeated by obedience to the Kaiser, gave way to my loyalty to the Cosmic Law, "Thou shalt not kill." Then and there the thoughts of a poem took hold of me which I would bring home on my return from French captivity:

                                            God and I

                                God breathes through me,
                                I breathe through him —
                                one holy vibration

                                God thinks through me,
                                I think through Him —
                                one awesome relation.

                                I am God's spirit personalized.
                                Whomever I touch feels whole and free.
                                God is my father and my mother —
                                infinite intimacy.

Now in 1983 feeling at last prepared to fulfill Einstein's legacy to me, I should like to do justice to Einsteinian philos¬ophy by asking you, youth of the world, to ponder the following seven points with the inner awareness that God speaks through laws, Cosmic Laws, and that every thought emits vibrations which attract their equal:

1. Man, a part of creation, shares its pur¬pose to unfold. His consciousness grows when he sees the stars, the ocean, the mountains, the light and the dark; his consciousness grows when he hears the thunder, the explo¬sion, the voice, the wind and the waves; his awareness unfolds when he feels the touch, the heat, the cold, the love and the hate. His conscious relatedness to what exists makes Man a microcosmos individualized — a Cosmic Being.

2. Nothing exists that is not related to the Creative Principle, Archlaw or God — the only fixed point in creation. Nothing else is absolute, all flows.

3. Nothing exists without a purpose. The lobster has a million feelers endowed with the sense of cooperation according to Cosmic Law. The universe has its sense structure in the form of galaxies, stars, planets, or amoebae, each endowed with the law of purposeful existence. Man's sense structure consists of millions of cordlike fibers carrying impulses to and from nerve centers, such as the brain and spine, to be a lifelong challenge to his conscience and his ego. The conscience connects Man with infinite dimensions, the ego with the three dimensions of the flesh. Nothing exists which is not alive and posses¬ses its sense structure true to the rule of action of its kind in order to maintain, to adapt, to unfold, finally converting the mass into energy and the energy into mass according to the Cosmic Law — all flows.

4. Man flows, but the direction whether forward or backward, upward or downward, is determined by his free will. Man, endowed with the dignity of free choice, becomes an associate of positive or negative forces, morally evaluated by "Choose you today whom you will serve", — heaven or hell, angels or demons. Man's free will handles his decision as life handles his breath.

5. There is a relatedness of conscience to ethics and of the ego to schemes of material claims. Conscience woos transformation and unfoldment; ego woos stabilization of what it has. Conscience is the servant of the Creative Principle or God; the ego, the lord of the flesh. Conscience is dynamic infinity, ego static preservation. Conscience discerns intuition; ego manipulates intellect.

6. Every thought or action releases energy felt as vibrations. Vibrations link cause to effect and mobilize synchronistic experiences of its kind, attracting the same quality of vibrations from forces, good or evil, accumu¬lated from the beginning of life. Since poli¬tical or religious thought is inclined to form groups and mass movements, the vibrations of the mass mind can have ominous consequences, degrading the vibrational characteristics of the Cosmic Man. More often than not the orga¬nized mass mind pretends to be the standard bearer of salvation. Salvation and conscience are individualized qualities and offspring of the Creative Principle, the Supreme, and not the property of the mass mind or groups.

7. Any group formation is prone to become a power structure under the motto, "Join me, I am your fulfillment." Any group adheres to a simplified formula often expressed in slogans, so the last and least of its members can understand. Any group movement to increase its power creates an out-group with the cry, "There is your enemy!" With my discovery of what I like to call the sociological group law I understood why two thousand years ago the formation of the Christian Church and in my time the rise of Hitler's Third Reich needed the Jews as an out-group . Hitler wanted the Catholic Church as his out-group which he, a believing Catholic in his youth, despised, but needed her blessing, since about half his soldiers were Catholic. In human history there may not have been formed any group, political or religious, which did not create an enemy in order to grow. The Cosmic Man listens to the authentic voice of conscience. Members of a group are prone to adapt to the group's pseudo-conscience. During the invasion of Poland in 1939 the German Army bishop preached that obedience to the Fuehrer is obedience to conscience, and during the Battle of Verdun in 1916 I attended a Protestant religious service behind the front which ended with a blessing of our fight "for God, Kaiser and Fatherland." My vibrations attracted the synchronistic events which led me to discern the difference between the God of the individual conscience and the god of pseudo-conscience, the group conscience, causing me to make the vow on the battlefield and say "No" to the Kaiser.

Youth of the world, let Einstein's plan to create a Cosmic Religion and a World Youth Parliament be fulfilled by you under his motto, "There is no love without justice and no justice without love." May this motto create in you a new consciousness of love: absolute love, spiritual love, all-embracing love, ever-unfolding love, healing love. May your conscience become the motivator when founding a World Youth Parliament attended by youth eighteen years and older of all races, nationalities and religions. Let your timely message be: Overturn and overturn until he comes whose right it is — the Cosmic Man. It is a spiritual overturning that has no guns.

To save our planet from an apocalyptic visitation is not conditioned by power structures claiming, "The more nuclear wea¬pons we have the safer we are," but by Einstein's solution: "We must change the heart of Man by beginning the third era in humanity's history. The tribal and national Man must give way to the Cosmic Man. If we fail we will be victims of the third world war, for never in the whole history of humanity have arms been made that were not used."

Youth of the world, learn by observing the leaders in the group you belong to. Whoever saw as often as I did Hitler and Goebbels raging against the Jews—Hitler with his malproportioned body and feminine hands, Goebbels with his clubfoot — cannot help connect psychic with physical events. Their vibrations were powerful and sinister manifestations of self-hate. Goethe told his assistant Eckermann: "We all have certain electric and magne¬tic powers within us and we exercise an attractive and repelling force, according as we come into touch with something like or unlike."

Youth of the world, while achieving Einstein's intention, study synchronicity of events. The psychologist Carl Jung worked out three types:

1) The coincidence between mental content or feeling and an outer event. After Lincoln had bought a barrel of household remnants, he discovered a copy of Blackstone Commentaries from which he gleaned the richness of knowledge making him one of America's greatest presidents. The supersensory factor in synchronicity had an unanticipated effect in Lincoln's son Robert. While in the army in Virginia he received an order to return to Washington. He arrived at Ford's Theater just in time to witness the assassi¬nation of his father. Young Robert Lincoln then became Secretary of War under Garfield. One day he was asked to meet the President at the station, where he arrived just in time to wit¬ness Garfield's assassination. On a later occasion when accepting an invitation to attend the opening of the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, he arrived just in time to see President McKinley shot. When he was once more invited to a presidential affair in Washington, Robert Lincoln said, "If they only knew, they would not want me there."

Einstein told me how he, when he was sick as a five-years-old boy, received a compass from his uncle to play with while confined to bed. The question as to why the needle always points in one direction mobilized his thought for twenty years, leading to the discovery of relativity, and caused him to work on the unified field of gravitation to the end of his life. As a boy of five I watched my mother bring an old beggar woman from the streets to have her dressed and fed. This parental example caused me all my life to be aware of people in need, especially students, and to look after their welfare. Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt told me that watching black people in the streets in her youth had stimulated her activity as the wife of the presi¬dent to protect black Americans from exploitation. This very morning while walking to the university's post office, I was stopped by a Belgian student who had helped me last year on another manuscript. We had not seen each other for six months. He immediately told me that he had just written the prime minis¬ter of his country, whom he knows personally, to encourage him to support the plan of a World Youth Parliament. I told him that our meeting confirmed the law of synchronicity, because I was writing my Letter to Youth in order to found the World Youth Parliament.

2) The coincidence between a dream or vision with an event that takes place at a distance. While in London, the Swedish scientist Emmanuel Swedenborg described his vision of a great fire in Stockholm to others a few days before news arrived of the actual event, which perfectly matched his description and time of vision. My out-of-body experience in 1943 of visiting my sister Gretel in the concentration camp was later corroborated by a survivor of the camp, whom I met at the Auschwitz trial in Frankfurt. When my adopted son Ken was in the hospital with a high fever, a close friend of ours a hundred miles away woke up at midnight with the distinct impression that he was in trouble and she should pray for him. The next morning she telephoned me about her concern, at which time I told her of Ken's serious illness. When I then visited him in the hospital, Ken sat up in bed with a smile and told me that his fever broke shortly after midnight, and this before I related the telephone call to him.

3) The coincidence between a feeling or dream and an event that occurs at a later time. Just prior to his assassination President Lincoln had dreams of seeing his body lying in state. Clemenceau, visiting Verdun in 1916 and seeing us German priso¬ners collecting unexploded shells behind the front, said that his father already had received a vision of the German invasion and wanted to be buried standing in his coffin looking east. Pius XI had feelings of disaster shortly before his death and wanted to annul the pacts with Mussolini and Hitler. The opposition, led especially by the German cardinals, who, as the German Curia Cardinal Bea told me, "were first Germans and then Christians," had an ominous influence on the Vatican. The Pope was forced to take the Last Sacraments, which took away his right to make any more decisions. He died a few days later, and his Secretary of State, Cardinal Pacelli, an admirer of "German order and discip¬line," was elected Pope, and the Concordat with Hitler remained, obliging Pius XII to keep silence — in spite of the invasion of Poland, Norway, Belgium and France or the gas chambers in Auschwitz.

Einstein and Jung upheld that there is more to judgment than the intellect. The irrational functions of consciousness need intuition, a perception not limited to three-dimensional reality, The oldest foundation of metaphysical thinking is the classical Chinese philosophy, the I Ching. By interplaying yin and yang, it places details of the situation against a cosmic background. Einstein's aim as a scientist was to grasp the whole universe, which included not only physics and mathematics but also politics and ethics. Einstein said to me that laboratory experiments and statistical compilations interfere with intuitive thinking, which does justice to the simultaneous occurrence of a psychic state and a physical process. Reality is ever flowing infinity and, as Jung maintains, becomes empirically intelligible when one applies the principle of synchronicity, which considers the harmony at work in the interrelation of both psychic and physical events.

In creating the Cosmic Religion and a World Youth Parliament let Einstein with his principle of relativity and Jung with his law of synchronicity be your spiritual guides. Let your intui¬tive knowledge that there is a patterned universe — that there is an underlying meaning to all experience, that there is an Archlaw or God — give you insight into the reality of spiritual evolution. Beware of thinking when forming groups in the world that you can ignore the meaningful relatedness of events outside time and space, which Jung called the "acausal connecting principle." This supersensory relatedness was already known twelve thousand years ago by Indian sages, calling it divine magnetism, the source of all electrical forces on which the creation depends for its existence. The universe is filled with myriads of spiritual forces, good and evil, forces mobilized by every vibration the human creature emits with his thoughts.

I was a personal witness of such an invisible relatedness between the Kaiser's search for a reason to humiliate France and the assassination of the Austrian archduke in Sarajevo in 1914. The Kaiser's marginal note on the copy of the Austrian mobiliza¬tion document, "Now or never!" demonstrated his inner liberation from the fear that his reign would go down in history without a victorious war. Some twenty years later as a refugee in Holland he must have brooded over the irrational connection between his war drive and the murderous hand of a young Serb. His psyche drove him to chop trees in his garden to the end of his days, as though he wanted to chop to pieces the connection between his ego and the immediate cause of the war.

When I spoke to German youth, two generations removed from Hitler, about the gas chambers, they cut off the conversation with the remark, "We make only jokes about it." When I said, "There will be a supersensory connection between the energy emitted by the Nazi thought and the experiences you and following generations will have," one youth cast his eyes to the ground and mumbled, "The gas smell will stay in our noses because all injus¬tice comes home."

When Emperor Franz Josef ascended the Austrian throne in 1848 he had the leading officers who fought for Hungarian inde¬pendence from the empire executed. During the next fifty years the same number of family members were murdered, among them his wife the Empress Elisabeth.

There is also a meaningful connection between the empire of the Czar, whose Russian Church for centuries did not stop bless¬ing the aristocrats, forcing the people to be serfs, and Lenin's empire, whose communistic faith created a new aristocracy in the Party, keeping the people still powerless.

This meaningful connection is manifested in the United States. The slave labor centuries ago, Hiroshima, the massacre in the village My Lai, the assassination of the two Kennedys, have a supersensory relatedness to the fear of an approaching apocalypse. All flows. The vibrations the individual or the group emit attract their equal in other spheres to return accord¬ing to Cosmic Law. No energy is lost.

I was a witness of the supersensory relationship based on hatred between the East German and West German group minds. Belonging to the resistance movement against Hitler, I joined each year for thirty years the survivors at the Twentieth of July memorial service in the prison yard of Plötzensee in Berlin, where many of our friends and relatives were hanged. Aware that none of my surviving friends from East Germany had ever attended this anniversary, I travelled to East Berlin to find out the reason. On the boulevard formerly called Unter den Linden were soldiers marching in Russian uniform followed by soldiers in German uniform. The pavement echoed from the goosesteps. I said to a young German who was watching this pompous glorification of the male, "They march as if they are going to war." "Aren't we better at marching than the Russians I" he said with fiery pride in his eyes. I couldn't help answering, "Yes, if Hitler came back he would have complimented the German troops." I felt someone grab my arm: "What do you mean by Hitler?" I had it on my tongue to say, "Isn't he still in your German blood?" but feeling the dangerous "We must defend our group" vibrations of others gathering around us, I said, "I apologize. I am an American and we are used to getting our thoughts out into the open." I excused myself, walked quickly to the subway station at Alexanderplatz and travelled back to West Berlin, giving up my original purpose. The words of Einstein came to my mind: "Moses, Jesus and Ghandi did not carry the money bags of the Krupp, Thyssen and Stinnes armament firms. It is the commitment to your conscience that saves you."

West Germany's group mind, too, has Hitler adherents waiting for the failure of Democracy in order to come to power again. Einstein always maintained that to change the system, such as the East Germans becoming communist and the West Germans becoming democratic, does not guarantee a change in the subcon¬scious layers of thought in the mass mind, fed by centuries of tradition, unless an higher affiliation to conscience is encour¬aged. Ultimately, it still depends on the free will of the individual to become a cosmic man.

Youth of the world, let me offer two examples of contempora¬ries regarding cosmic awareness. True to Einstein's word, "You must first change your own heart, before you can expect that the heart of others will be changed," young Raoul Wallenberg, learn¬ing of the persecution of the Jews in Nazi occupied Europe, sacrificed life's comfort and security in neutral Sweden to arouse the conscience of the world. He dared to openly confront the S.S. by handing out Swedish passports to Jews being herded into cattle cars in Hungary for transport to Auschwitz. When the Soviets marched into Budapest toward the end of the war, Wallenberg was arrested on suspicion of being a Nazi agent and sent to a Siberian camp, where he still is today, alive or dead. Wallenberg's name will remain in history as an immortal proof of the idealism of youth.

I offer you as another example Fulton Sheen. As a young Monsignor he liked to follow the hierarchical trend of thought, "The Jews are the out-group," and made light of Einstein's thoughts on Cosmic Religion by saying that one only needed to cross out the "s" in "cosmic" and the truth would be evident. When Sheen, my friend of many years, read one of my conversations with Einstein, he had a change of mind and in repentance sent me to ask Einstein for permission to make a special broadcast in New York about him. Einstein refused, because he did not care if the Catholics through the mouth of their most popular orator changed their opinion about him. Bringing the "No" back to Bishop Sheen, I said that I now understood why he, who sometimes dared to change his mind in opposition to the prevailing opinion of his superiors, had never become a cardinal, and if he had lived some centuries before might well have joined the long procession to the chambers of the Inquisition, in good company with Galileo and others.

Youth of the world, is not Wallenberg's "No" to his personal safety, Sheen's "No" to his superiors, and my "No" to the Kaiser the "No" of the Cosmic Man? Sheen, who had changed his heart, could well have been consoled by Einstein's words, "Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds." After Einstein's death I repeated the remarks of my students to Sheen: "If Einstein had been a Catholic, Rome would acknowledge his saintliness." Sheen smiled sadly.

Your contact with your Innermost Self shapes the Cosmic Man. Don't try to know yourself by intellectual methods. Rationalism is limited. There is a pattern beyond space and time which establishes a meaningful relatedness between your psyche and happenings in your life. I feel that this relatedness is deter¬mined by the quality of your vibrations. When your thoughts are connected with your conscience, your vibrations will protect you in the most difficult moments of your life and unfold the true purpose in your life.

My vibrations have no doubt protected me when I as a refugee fled in 1935 from France to England to escape Hitler's Gestapo net cast over Paris. I avoided the quick train from Paris to Calais and travelled the much longer route to Dieppe, for I hoped thereby to board the train unobserved and to find an empty compartment in which to be alone. The moment the train moved a tall gentleman entered the compartment and sat opposite me. During the trip of several hours he engaged me against my will in constant conversation. I avoided him on the boat in spite of his invitation to tea, knowing, however, deep within myself that the vow at Verdun had saved me many times and would do so now. The border police in New Haven, after inquiring as to my purpose in visiting England, must have feared I was a German spy and refused me entrance. At that moment my tall co-traveller, who must have watched my encounter, stepped forward: "This gentleman accompa¬nies me to the funeral of the King." The police immediately bowed and helped me to carry my trunk past the iron fence to the train to London. Two days later I saw my savior, the Duke de Nemours, in the funeral procession of George V, walking with his royal relatives just behind the coffin.

As to vibrations unfolding the true purpose in life, I present this example. I immigrated from England to America in 1937 and a few years later I found myself in Harvard lecturing and doing research in education. One day Dean Mark called me to his bedside in his house and said, "Churchill is coming tomorrow to receive his honorary doctorate. I'm too old to attend the ceremony and would like you to take my place and write down what you experienced that I may at least read about it." I was amazed. There were some twenty thousand people who wanted to witness the solemnities, but who were barred from Harvard Yard by a cordon of police sent from Washington to protect Churchill's life, and I, an unknown refugee, should have the honor. Had the Dean not a hundred friends with status who would have loved to be in my place? I was there, and the Dean, deeply impressed, showed my description of the historical event to President Conant, who not only caused a copy to be placed in the Harvard Library, but also took one to Churchill with my poem 'Dunkirk' when he visited London. This meaningful relatedness between my psyche and hap¬penings was highlighted when after the ceremony I felt an urge to run after Churchill's heavily guarded car that moved slowly away from Harvard Yard. "Winston Churchill," I cried, "I thank you, for England saved my life I" Churchill interrupted his waving of the V-sign, looked at me for a moment, then said, "No, not England, there," pointing to the sky, I felt in that moment that his "there" was a vibrational unity between him, the Duke de Nemours and my vow on the battlefield of Verdun.

Youth of the world, in fulfilling Einstein's plea to found a Cosmic Religion as well as a World Youth Parliament, remember that your conscience must be nourished with spiritual food fit¬ting your personal equation. For almost seventy years I have repeatedly called my vow into remembrance, replenishing it with Francis of Assisi's words, "God, make me an instrument of your peace," or with Paramahansa Yogananda's advice, "Watch your spirit, for it is the carpet on which you walk to the next plane of existence." The Cosmic Religion, Einstein suggested, does not destroy religious values of traditional beliefs, but embraces them in accord with the words which Jesus learned from his mother, "Hear 0 Israel, the Eternal is our God, the Eternal is one," and in acceptance of the challenge to his disciples, "You can do even greater things than I because I go to my Father." Over the portals of the assembly house of the Cosmic Man, I would like you youth to write these words in honor of Einstein: "Salvation is self-awareness, the path leading to the Innermost Self—the Supreme Law or God."

When some years ago Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, after reading my book on Verdun, invited me to a luncheon in her palace, attended by four gentlemen-in-waiting, one of the young officers asked me under what principle the Cosmic Religion and the World Parliament of Youth would function. I would like you, my readers, to ponder my answer: You are not here by accident. Mobilizing your free will to create a new heart in you by your conscience, you will unfold psychic energy whose serene vibra¬tions will help others whom you meet to see themselves in their relationship to their ego. The true value of the human being is cosmic significance transforming the karmic connection with your past. Let your conscience always create the significance of the moment.

Einstein visualized the composition of the Youth Parliament to include the Russians, Chinese and every nationality and race and to begin regardless of whether a nation rejects the invita¬tion. Form study groups in the universities of every nation and wherever you go sow the vision of the Cosmic Man. Before you join any movement or group, examine its aims and beware those power structures which have as their motto, "We have the only truth." Learn to discern the difference between your conscience and the pseudo-conscience of a group. Never forget the power of your vibrations as a Cosmic Being. Truth is as infinite as the Cosmic Man, whose conscience is the voice of the Supreme.

Youth of the World, Lord Phillip Noel-Baker, a Nobel Peace Laureate and guiding light of the first international peace conference of the World Union of Martyred Towns, Peace Towns held in Verdun in October 1982, passed on before the event but was able to leave behind a message for you in his Verdun Appeal read to the participants by his friend and Nobel Laureate in Medicine, Dr. Wilkins:

I launch an appeal to Youth, the hope of the world, the future of Humanity, so that, conscious of present and future problems, it will participate in the pacific construction of the world in which it will live and that it will stand by the side of men of good will for the promotion of Peace by the mutual understanding of peoples, the respect of differences, the greatest of tolerance and the energetic and unambiguous refusal of all forms of violence....

I took part in this conference and at dusk on the last day I joined the representatives of Lidice, Coventry, Warsaw, Ouradour, Volgagrad, Hiroshima and other martyred towns who have officially declared themselves for peace, reminding the world of their suffering from war. It was moving to see Bishop Boillon of Verdun, with his crippled hand reminding us of the Hitler war, address us in front of the Ossuary, the impressive monument of Douaumont filled with the bones of thousands of unknown soldiers of the Kaiser's war. After the Bishop, I spoke as the perhaps now only survivor of the German side of the battle of 1916, where more than a million young soldiers were killed or crippled in nine months. I said: "Let us hope that my vow on this battle¬field sixty-six years ago lives on through the witness of the Martyred Towns, Peace Towns to become a burning light of conscience of future generations."

When I, a young veteran of the Kaiser's war, visited Einstein in 1930, he pointed to the marching feet of the Hitler youth in the street below and asked, "When will the young people learn from history?" Youth of the World, my torch lit by my conscience on the bloodiest battlefield in history I pass on to you.

Einstein, entrusting me with the mission of changing the heart of Man, inspired me to compose an anthem for the World Parliament of Youth, and I , in turn, entrust it to you, dear Reader:

                                           UNITE HUMANITY

                        Unite Humanity, unite —
                        one fellowship on earth
                        Too long we turned our back to peace,
                        too long life had no worth.
                        The sun, the earth and you are made,
                        to share, to wonder, not to hate.
                        Draw we not hope with our first breath?
                        Hope knows no gun, no death.

                        Come brothers from the desert heat,
                        and from the icy shore,
                        let us together build one world,
                        and marching feet no more.
                        One world, one peace where you with me
                        can meet as brothers proud and free.
                        Is not the sun, the earth, the air
                        for you and me to share?

                        Your child, my child, is it not born
                        and nursed in love to live;
                        not handed down from Mount Sinai
                        one law: Receive to give?
                        Come let us vow: Your son, my son
                        no longer shall embrace the gun.
                        Behold, one light shines from above —
                        one dignity, one love !


Bolen, Jean Shinoda, The Tao of Psychology, Harper & Row, San Francisco, 1979.
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Note:  This essay evolved into the book manuscript Vibrations of Heaven and Hell in 1985.

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